APIBA Annual Seminar 2015

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on Oct, 11 2015

Put your name down now! Don't miss out on these amazing talks!

Registration: https://eventioz.com.ar/e/apiba-annual-seminar-2015

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APIBA SIGs Timetable, Year 16, No. 6 - October 2015

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on Oct, 11 2015

Dear all,

We would like to invite you to join the APIBA SIGs' sessions to be held in the second half of October 2015. You can read the schedules and agendas at: www.apiba.org.ar/index.php/nuestra-asociacion/programas/sigs. 

Please remember that everyone can join a SIG. All you need is to be keen to learn, share ideas, meet colleagues and develop as a professional. APIBA runs SIGs on relevant areas in the field of the teaching of English, such as Literature, Methodology, Languageand Phonology, Professional Issues, Young Learners, Business English (recently re-launched), and for those who are interested in new technologies, there is the e-Teaching and Learning (e-TL) SIG, which meets online.

APIBA Fellowship Lunch 2015 + Workshop "Mind full or Mindful?" by Prof. Ricardo Cavallini

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on Jun, 02 2015

Dear members,

Once again, and to continue with the tradition started in 2011 on occasion of APIBA's 40th Anniversary, we are extremely proud to announce APIBA's Annual Fellowship Lunch. This year we will be holding an optional pre-lunch workshop delivered by our dear APIBA member Prof. Ricardo Cavallini. This academic activity will be open to both members and non-members.

Annual Fellowship Lunch

  • When? July 4 from 12.30 to 5.30
  • Where? Campo Bravo (Palermo)
  • Price: $250
  • Only for APIBA members