En el marco de la “Semana del Inglés”, la Embajada Británica, la Dirección Operativa de Lenguas Extranjeras GCBA y la Asociación de Profesores de Inglés de Buenos Aires (APIBA), organizaron el “Concurso English Week”


Tema: Experiencias interculturales en el aula de inglés

Destinatarios: Docentes de Inglés del sistema estatal del GCBA, de todos los Niveles

Idioma: Inglés



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·        Completar datos y un resumen (en idioma inglés) de entre 75 y 100 palabras en este formulario online


Recepción de trabajos: Hasta el 25 de agosto de 2013



A. Resumen (abstract). Criterios:

  • interés/relevancia de la propuesta
  • claridad,
  • título

B. Presentación de diapositivas. Criterios:

  • originalidad / creatividad
  • contenidos interculturales
  • participación de los alumnos


JURADO: Integrado por Socios de APIBA de trayectoria y compromiso con la Asociación, especialistas en Estudios Culturales y/o Metodología de la Enseñanza:


Prof. Claudia Ferradas 
Prof. Haydeé Ferro
Prof. Jorge Ghenadenik 
Prof. Claudia Naom 
Prof. Diana Schcolnicov 
Prof. María Cristina Thomson 
Prof. Nibia Yermos





Proyecto “Identity and Belonging” Intercultural experience with Barthi Public School (Delhi, India)

Docentes de Inglés: 

·        Laura Giancarlo, Escuela 9 D.E. 18 "Provincia de Misiones", 7° grado "A" y "B", Nivel Primario

ResumenThis project helped to question some aspects of our identity that seemed obvious and increased learners’ openness to diversity, a communication skill stimulated by the exchange with students from India. In their first English-speaking intercultural experience, this group with an elementary level of English was able to overcome language barriers, as well as cultural, and achieved an empowerment that will –we hope- increase confidence in their own learning. The collaborative learning approach has been most appropriate as teamwork is quite challenging for this group and the use of new IT tools has also been of great help in this sense. Ver AQUI 

·        Mónica S. Pilomeno, Escuela 16 D.E. 18 "John F. Kennedy", 6° grado "B", Nivel Primario

ResumenThis work is part of the Identity and Belonging Project, promoted by the British Council and Fundación Evolución. When implementing it, besides giving my sixth form primary students the opportunity to communicate with a school from a very distant part of the world and with a different culture, I tried to obtain all the benefits derived from Collaborative Learning. It was performed by using web tools and with my strong conviction that when learners understand the value of interculturalism they are ready to help us to build a better world where identity and diversity are both valued and fostered. Ver AQUI 



- 2 inscripciones sin cargo para ambas docentes ganadoras al Congreso FAAPI 2013, 26, 27 y 28/9, organizado por APIBA www.apiba.org.ar/faapi13

- Una suscripción institucional para 3 docentes de las escuelas al portal de recursos didácticos Cambridge English Teacherwww.cambridgeenglishteacher.org

- Novelas de autores británicos reconocidos


2º Premio:

Docente de Inglés: 

·        Iberia Denegri, Escuela 3 D.E. 15 "República de Costa Rica", 3º grado "B", Nivel Primario 

Proyecto Working on the British Council Project “Climate Change: How Can We Help?”

ResumenLast year the project proved to be a very rewarding and enriching experience in which both my students and I learnt a lot about working collaboratively, other cultures, the environment and how to take care of our planet. Each week, they worked on different tasks, creating wordmaps, leaflets and drawings. Students were keen to share their work and were amazed to see other students’ productions, such as a group of students from London singing “The 3 R’s Song” with their music teacher strumming on his guitar. We also prepared a video, a poster and a board with all the material produced. Ver AQUI 



- Una suscripción institucional para 3 docentes de la escuela al portal de recursos didácticos Cambridge English Teacherwww.cambridgeenglishteacher.org

- Novelas de autores británicos reconocidos



Docentes de Inglés:

·        María Gabriela Caserta, Escuela Nº 1 D.E. 19, 3º grado "A", Nivel Primario

Proyecto “Caperucita Coya/Little Red Riding Hood”

ResumenCollaborative project carried out by the teachers of 3rd grade, English, the Library teacher and the ICTs assistant who, in accordance with the PEI (Our Identity), worked together using the regionalized version of the story “Caperucita Coya" and its traditional version in English “Little Red Riding Hood”. This project compared the version of Little Red Riding Hood located in the Northwest of our country and the traditional European story analyzing the differences and similarities in both cultures. The final products of the project were a photo comic created using the program “Comic Life” and a video of both versions. Ver AQUI

·        Matías Ansaldo, Escuela N° 15 D.E. 11, Curso Especial Inglés 1, Primaria de Adultos

Proyecto “A place called home

Resumen: Group: Students mainly coming from different provinces and neighbouring countries.

Objectives: To value community traditions and share cultural experiences


1) Students grouped within the same area of origin socialized information related to three topics: A) Geographical characteristics, B) Celebration, C) Traditional Food

2) Students from different places divided into three groups according to topics A, B and C.

3) Students´ presentation: Written text on construction paper, videos on the internet, traditional food to taste.

Evaluation of the project: Students shared meaningful information about their culture and place of origin and they used English to communicate their feelings and ideas. Ver AQUI



- Novelas de autores británicos reconocidos

Entrega de premios: En el marco del Cocktail de Bienvenida del Congreso FAAPI 2013, co-auspiciado por el Congreso FAAPI 2013 (FAAPI APIBA) y la Embajada Británica y el British Council.

Exhibición de los trabajos ganadores: En el Portal Integrar (GCBA)Blog "Política Lingüística GCBA"Plataforma Virtual del Congreso FAAPI 2013 y web y redes sociales de APIBA.

Agradecimientos: La Embajada Británica, la Dirección Operativa de Lenguas Extranjeras GCBA y la Asociación de Profesores de Inglés de Buenos Aires (APIBA) agradecen a todos los docentes concursantes y al Jurado.