Language & Phonology SIG

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How many times have you been asked how to say a typical ríoplatense Spanish expression in English? This is what our How-Do-You-Say? Spot focuses on. Are you often at a loss by the mention in books and films of names or references that do not mean anything to us? In our Cultural Awareness Segment, we go into these aspects of English speaking countries, seeking a better understanding of the so-called cultural capsules. In our segment of Tips and Tools we share ideas that have worked for us when teaching and finally, in our Phonology Segment, we discuss recent changes in pronunciation.

Our annual agenda is defined meeting after meeting according to our Siggers' proposals.

The Language and Phonology SIG, following the spirit of every APIBA SIG, gives both teachers and teacher trainees the chance to share and network on an equal footing.

Coordinators: Adriana Mizrahi and Celia Nieto

Next meeting (2016): November 5th, 11:15 to 13:00

Venue: Av Triunvirato 3174, CABA (INSPT-UTN). Room 2.02.

Agenda: Organization of activity for the Closing Event. How-Do-You-Say? Spot: Hacerle pata a alguien, hacerle gancho a alguien, todo bicho que camina va a parar al asador and poner toda la carne al asador. Cultural Awareness Segment: not dealt with

Meetings (2016): April 9th, May 7th, June 4th, July 2nd, September 10th, October 1st, November 5th

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Business English SIG
Viernes 18:00-20:00 HS
A) Presencial: L.N. Alem 428, 6° I, C.A.B.A. (Interaction Language Studio).
B) Online: WizIQ
E-Teaching & Learning SIG
Av Triunvirato 3174, C.A.B.A.
Sábados 9:00-10:30 HS
No more meetings in 2016
Language & Phonology SIG
Av Triunvirato 3174, C.A.B.A. (I.N.S.P.T. UTN)
Sábados 11:15-13:00 HS
No more meetings in 2016
Literature SIG
Av Triunvirato 3174, C.A.B.A. (I.N.S.P.T. UTN)
No more meetings in 2016
Methodology SIG
Granaderos 55, C.A.B.A. (Liceo Cultural Británico)
Sábados 11:00-13:00 HS
No more meetings in 2016
Mindfulness SIG
Lugar: A confirmar por email al inscribirse
Sábados 11:00-13:00 HS
No more meetings in 2016
Young Learners SIG
Ayacucho 632, C.A.B.A. (I.S.P. "Joaquín V. González")
Sábados 12:30-14:00 HS
No more meetings in 2016

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