Compromiso con la profesión

APIBA Academic Writing Scholarship 2016 Winner: Sergio Rodríguez

APIBA awarded this scholarship to one of its members, its main aim being to provide members of FAAPI affiliates with tools and accompaniment to present their production at the FAAPI Annual Conference. Read the 2016 scholarship winner Sergio Rodríguez' paper "Making sense of resultative constructions in the EFL classroom", presented at the 2016 FAAPI Conference in San Juan as part of the scholarship's requirements. Sergio has also shared his feedback on the Academic Writing course:

I am truly grateful to APIBA for the scholarship for FAAPI's Online Course on Academic Writing. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and recommend it to anyone interested in honing their academic writing skills. This online course is well-organised, its goals are achievable within the allocated time, and the contents are highly relevant to the needs required for presenting papers at and preparing presentations for such academic conferences as FAAPI. I would like to thank María Susana Ibáñez in particular for her kind support and priceless guidance throughout the course.

Congratulations, Sergio!