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APIBA On Tour - Adrogué: "Teaching Young Learners in the New Millennium"






Mercedes Pérez Berbain is a lecturer in Teaching and Learning and The Practicum at I.S.P. “Joaquín V. González” and I.E.S. en Lenguas Vivas “Juan Ramón Fernández”. She holds an MA in Education with Distinction from Oxford Brookes University, UK, a degree in Education and ICT from The Ministry of Education in Argentina and has trained teachers both in Argentina and in the UK. She has written teaching materials for Pearson and OUP.

María Laura García is a graduate English teacher and holds a postgraduate degree in English Language Teaching and New Technologies in Education. She has specialized in storytelling, early childhood education, educational research and virtual learning environments. She is a teacher trainer, international presenter, APIBA YL-SIG's coordinator and AJAL materials review editor.


Location St Michael's College (Pasaje Barsellini 720, Adrogué, Pcia. de Bs. As.)