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Professional Development Track



Presented by APIBA and the British Council 

Friday 27 September, 15.30 - 16.30, Room B

PD 1 “ICT and Teaching: Collaborating to build knowledge?”

We have often heard there is fear of technology among educators. Some believe MOOCs will kill the class or that data will dehumanise college, or perhaps that e-books will kill the book. What is the current situation in our classrooms? How does ICT impact our teachers and students? Teaching and learning with ICT does not facilitate a common experience, but rather facilitates an experience each person can make their own, it allows for a different timing, and degree of awareness-raising.

María Inés Cambiasso, former APIBA President, former e-TL SIG Coordinator
Jennifer Verschoor, APIBA Member, EdTech specialist
Claudia Antinori, Marcia Balda and Silvana Lopardo, APIBA e-TL SIG co-Coordinators


Friday, 27 September, 17.00–18.00, Room B

PD 2 British Council Continuing Professional Development Framework & APIBA Professional Development Programmes

A language teacher’s career begins with initial training and grows into a lifelong journey where no two people take the same path. The British Council’s Continuing Professional Development Framework identifies six stages in a teacher’s career, from Starting to Specialist, and serves as a guide to the opportunities available to progress. Along these lines, APIBA will present Programmes that foster the continuing professional development of its Members and of teacher trainees at various stages of their careers: APIBA SIGs, APIBA Professional Issues SIG, APIBA Junior & Senior Programmes, APIBA Mentoring Programme.

British Council Continuing Professional Development Framework

Pablo Toledo, British Council English Consultancy Services Manager

APIBA Professional Development Programmes

APIBA SIGs (2000 - to date) Romina Arena & Viviana Myslicki, APIBA SIGs Liaison Officers
Professional Issues SIG (2010 - to date) Débora Bagüez & Graciela Moyano, SIG Coordinators
APIBA Junior / Senior Programmes (2012 - to date) Graciela Moyano & Claudia Naom, former APIBA Executive Committee Members
APIBA Mentoring Programme (2012 - to date) María Inés Cambiasso, Programme Coordinator, former APIBA President



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