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Call for Papers


“Looking Back, Thinking Ahead: Merging the past, present and future of ELT” 

20-21-22 September 2001

Universidad Católica Argentina

Alicia Moreau de Justo 1300 - Buenos Aires


The “2001 FAAPI CONFERENCE” will bring together ELT professionals from Argentina and other countries to discuss, reflect and develop their ideas. The conference programme offers multiple opportunities for professional contact and development.

Presenters will deliver workshops, talks, panel discussions and poster sessions for over 1000 participants. Our aim is to link, develop and support English Language Teaching professionals in Argentina and the annual conference is its key event.

The conference provides a unique opportunity for English language professionals to present their work. It enables both new and established members to contribute to a programme that reflects the diversity and variety of the profession.

The conference also allows members to enjoy professional networking by exchanging experiences informally and/or presenting and debating their professional views. Papers from teachers working in Latin America are particularly welcome. Given equivalent academic merit, papers from members of FAAPI Associations will be given preference. Those wishing to propose panels or special sessions should contact the organisers.


Presenter’s Guidelines

a)      Type of presentation

  • 40 Minute Papers: A paper tells the participants something about what you are doing or have done, in relation to theory and practice. We strongly recommend that you use audio-visual aids during the session.
  • 90 Minute Workshops: A workshop is a session in which there is active audience participation via the experiencing and discussing of tasks provided by the presenter.
  • Poster Presentations: A poster is a visual presentation which contains an outline illustrating or summarising a project, a feature of language or an area of research. Such a presentation allows both participants and presenters the opportunity to discuss ideas in a more relaxed and often more productive atmosphere. Posters provide an excellent means to get your message and information across to the maximum number of people.                                         

b)     Presenter’s Form

You should complete the Presenter’s Form attached stating whether you are submitting a proposal for a poster presentation, a 40 minute paper or a 90 minute workshop and listing the target audience, maximum numbers of participants, the title of your presentation, author(s), author affiliations (including FAAPI Association membership if applicable), contact address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses, and a 50-word paragraph about the presenter(s).

c)      The summary

We are asking everyone to submit a summary narrative of 500 words that provides a clear understanding of the presentation's content. You should outline exactly what you are going to talk about in the session and how the session will be structured. The summary will not appear in the conference programme. It should be clear from your summary exactly what you are going to talk about. Please ensure that you are as explicit as possible as participants get very frustrated when they go to a session and find that the abstract in the programme does not reflect what the speaker talks about.

d)     The abstract

The abstract will appear in the conference programme. It should accurately reflect the content of what you are going to talk about as it is on the basis of your abstract that participants will choose whether they wish to attend your session. The abstract should be clear and unambiguous and you should submit an original and two copies of 75 words. (Abstracts, which are over 75 words, cannot be considered for inclusion in the programme)

e)      Topics:

Related to the teaching of English, including but not limited to: Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Phonology, Literature, Computer & Technology, ESP/EAP, Testing, Material Design, Educational Reform, Teaching Training, Postgraduate Education, Curriculum Design, Language & Culture, Young Learners, International Examinations, Teaching Content in a Foreign Language, Writing, (Self-) Assessment, Research.

f)       The Content of your Session

Your proposal will be considered for inclusion in the programme if it fulfils the following criteria:

  • You have not given this session, or a version of this session, at a previous conference.
  • It is clear from your summary that you have something new to say or that you plan to shed new light on a topic, which has been aired at other conferences, and in print. It should also be clear that you have respected the level of knowledge of your audience.
  • Your session should be of practical use for the participants. If your talk is mainly theoretical, please ensure that you end with a consideration of the practical issues and implications that it raises.
  • If your presentation relies heavily on a description of your local situation, ensure that you discuss either the implication for people working in similar contexts, or its general relevance.


Postponement of Deadline for Submissions - New Deadline: May 18, 2001




Conference Office               

Sarmiento 835 1st floor                     

Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 10.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

C1041AAQ Buenos Aires 

For further information please contact María Elena Iturbe and Silvia Zárate.

Tel./Fax: +54-11-4326-3927

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