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Social Programme


  • Welcome Cocktail


  • Conference Dinner

The Conference Dinner will be held on Friday 21st, September at Los Dos Chinos - Brasil 764 - Buenos Aires

This will be the menu:


  • A Selection of Cold Meats, Waldorf Salad
  • Sirloin Steaks with Mushroom Sauce, Carrots, Beans & "Humita" Pudding
  • Vanilla Ice-Cream with Strawberry Coulis
  • Coffee Petit-fours


  • Freshly- squeezed Orange Juice
  • Freshly- squeezed Grapefruit Juice
  • Fizzy Drinks
  • Mineral Water
  • "Concha y Toro" White Wine (Sauvignon Blanc)
  • "Concha y Toro" Red Wine (Cabernet Sauvignon)
  • "Concha y Toro" Champagne Disk Jockey Show

Tickets for this event can be purchased from the Conference Office for:$35



  •  Drama

As part of the conference programme, you will have the possibility of enjoying the following plays. All plays will take place at the Santa Cecilia Auditorium.

"The Tempest" – The Performers

by William Shakespeare

There is a certain island in the sea, on which there live an old man, whose name is Prospero, and his daughter Miranda, a very beautiful young lady. Quite devoted to the science of magic, Prospero raises a terrible storm. When his daughter asks him about the reasons for that spell, he confesses that twelve years ago, being the Duke of Milan, he trusted the rule of his state to his brother, Antonio, in order to devote himself completely to the occult sciences. But his brother, driven by ambition, allied himself with one of Prospero’s enemies, The King of Naples. An army of traitors rose up in arms and on the appointed night they opened the gates of Milan; Prospero and his daughter were taken prisoner. Then, they forced him and his daughter into a small boat, where they were left to die. Fortunately, and thanks to Gonzalo, a noble Napolitan who provided him with clothes and food, the boat brought them to this island. Now, twelve years after those events, fate caused a ship-wreck that brought his enemies to these shores, where he now wants to take revenge.
It is on this island where Prospero found some imprisoned spirits, who started obeying him as soon as he freed them from a spell. One of these spirits is Ariel, a very loyal servant to whom Prospero promised complete freedom.This spirit, following Prospero's orders, brings the people from the ship-wreck and disperses them on the island. And that is how a chain of events starts developing, because, while Ferdinand, the son of the King of Naples, meets Miranda and falls in love with her at first sight, his father is desperately sad, looking for him and thinking that he has drowned in the sea. At the same time, Antonio, Prospero’s brother, is planning to kill the King of Naples in order to add more territory to his kingdom. None of them know that all these events have been carefully planned by Prospero beforehand.
Throughout the development of the story, the characters become aware of the cruelty of their past actions, and repent. As Prospero had expected this, he forgives them and announces the marriage of his daughter to Ferdinand.
Love, fantasy, treason, magic, loyalty, and forgiveness, a mixture that results in a powerful creation.

"Marco Polo, The Traveladventurer" – The Group

Es una obra infantil que consiste en parte de la historia de Marco Polo, el cual lleva un mensaje de paz por el mundo.
El mismo, tras recorrer diversas experiencias (culturas) con sus viajes, llega a China para dar su mensaje al Emperador.
Es muy bien recibido por todos, especialmente por su hija. Al mismo tiempo el general había pedido la mano de ella y como la tradición indica, debería casarse con él.
La princesa no tiene ninguna intención de realizar esa boda ya que se había enamorado de Marco Polo.
El general le prepara una trampa y hace que el emperador crea que Marco Polo es un traidor.
El mismo tiene que irse del imperio y se refugia en un templo donde aprende artes marciales para poder defenderse y no para atacar.
Luego regresa para demostrar su inocencia y logra recuperar la confianza del Emperador y en especial de su hija.
El general es destituido de su cargo y tiene que retirarse del país.
Marco Polo y May por fin pueden disfrutar de su amor.

"To Be or Not To Be" – The Buenos Aires Players

Martin, a middle-class adolescent and a positive leader at school, is shocked to hear that his father will be dismissed in spite of having been a good employee for twenty years. This means he will have to leave the private school he attends and finish his last year in a public school unless he gets a part-time job. Cynthia, a shy classmate who is in love with Martin, tries to help without showing her real feelings. She thinks Martin loves Glenda, the sexiest girl at school. Cynthia is a high-class adolescent whose mother, Helen, and stepfather, Charly, are too busy to pay attention to her worries. Dolly, the maid, feels great sympathy for the lonely Cynthia. Martin starts wondering what he wants to be. In his search for role models, he finds it hard to pick one to emulate. While looking for a job he meets interesting characters that represent society nowadays: Mr. Mackinson, the Manager of Pizza Quick; Miss Jones, a very efficient secretary; Nick a drug dealer; Ramón, a Paraguay boy; etc. Martin feels that mass media also plays an important role in his daily life. His restless conscience is represented by a chorus. Martin is determined to find the right path in this demanding world. Will he be able to fulfil his aim?
As Shakespeare said in Hamlet: “You will have to take arms against a sea of troubles”

"Camelot" – Artspot

Long ago in Britain, the noble Kind Arthur ruled over a kingdom founded on peace and justice: the magnificent Camelot. Almost everywhere in Camelot lived together happily and loved their king. Everyone except Malagant! Malagant had other ideas of how a kingdom should be run. Driven by greed and evil intentions, he left Camelot to create the kingdom of his desire.
Leonesse was a small town near Camelot, ruled by the beautiful Lady Guinevere. Malagant was obsessed with her and felt that with Guinevere by his side and Leonesse under his rule, his dream would be complete. To prevent this and to protect her people, Guinevere accepted King Arthur’s recent proposal of marriage.
On her journey to Camelot, Malagant plotted to trap the young lady, but Lancelot saved her! Lancelot was a brave young man who travelled from place to place in search of a peaceful and just land. Lancelot and Guinevere quickly fell in love, but the wealth of her people depended on her marrying King Arthur. A future together would be impossible.
Upon arriving in Camelot, Lancelot and Lady Guinevere were received by the noble king and he showed them the beauty of his fair city. As a reward for an heroic rescue, Lancelot was offered a position in the royal army but, he refused! He dreamed of living in a place of justice, but with Guinevere marrying Arthur, Camelot was not the place for him. So once more, in pursuit of dreams and new adventures, Lancelot set off. Inside though, he felt sadness for he was leaving his love.
Malagant, stewing over his previous failure, entered Camelot and kidnapped Guinevere! Julie, Guinevere’s best friend, witnessed the kidnapping and called Arthur for help. This also brought Lancelot racing back to Camelot to search for Malagant’s hide-out. Our hero eventually found Lady Guinevere under the custody of Vile, the courcerer who helped Malagant to carry out his evil plans. Lancelot once again rescued his love and carried her back to Camelot.
By now Lady Guinevere and Lancelot were clearly in love, but what could they do? Lancelot said his farewells and left his love as she prepared for her wedding. Naturally, King Arthur was thrilled to find Guinevere safe but inside, he knew that she was suffering. So Camelot was veiled in a mist of sadness and Malagant’s evil revenge was about to begin.

Plays with discounts for conference participants include:

"Art" with Ricardo Darín, Germán Palacios & Luis Brandoni


  • Date: Wednesday 19, Thursday 20 September 2001
  • Time: 9pm
  • Venue: Teatro Regina Av. Santa Fe 1235 - Bs.As
  • Price: $15.-


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