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Seminario Anual 2015

Teaching and Beyond: We teach, we train, we educate...


Online Material



OPENING PLENARY SESSION: Ourselves - In English by Claudia Ferradas




CONCURRENT SESSION 1: Challenges at today's state-run schools: How the NES can help by Mónica Gandolfo



CONCURRENT SESSION 2: DO, RE, MI... The Sound of Music in Our Classrooms by Nibia Yermos & Andrea Paradiuk




THEMATIC PANEL: Sharing Best Practices and Reflecting on the Theoretical Background behind them

Matías Ansaldo: Anthony Browne: The magic of his stories at school

Pablo Crovetto: Digging into the Past: Archeology in the Classroom

Agostina Spinella Trapani: The Do-It-Yourself Classroom

María Inés Porcel de Peralta: Facilitate More, Teach Less

Cecilia Saavedra: Teaching Grammar in Context

Leonor Corradi: Best Practices: Conclusions



CLOSING PLENARY SESSION: Poetry to walk in someone else's shoes by Beatriz Pena Lima



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