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Newsletter N° 56 - Diciembre 2017


Newsletter No. 56, December 2017


Dear members and colleagues,

The year 2017 is now over and looking back on the months left behind, we're delighted how much happened at APIBA last year!  Read on to find out about the wide range of professional development opportunities that our Association offered during the year just finished. And there’s so much still in the pipeline for 2018! In fact, APIBA’s first event in 2018 is now already underway! Attending APIBA Business English Conference in collaboration with Escuela de Lenguas y Estudios Extranjeros, Universidad de Belgrano, on March 3, will surely give you an insight into what it means to teach Business English beyond language.

On a different note, our Annual General Meeting tomorrow is a key moment for our association. Achievements will be shared and new representatives will be chosen - those who give out their time, passion and knowledge to leverage our profession, entirely for free. Also, the first cohort of our Diploma in Business English Training will be awarded their certificates. Could we be any happier?

Finally, we would really appreciate it if you could let interested colleagues know about the various professional development opportunities offered by APIBA. This way, you could help us in our mission to link, develop, and support.

With best wishes,

APIBA Executive Committee

Virginia López Grisolía - President
Claudia Ferradas - Vicepresident
Viviana Myslicki - Secretary
Romina Arena - Deputy Secretary
María Ángela Di Gaetano - Treasurer
Gonzalo Rosetti
Jennifer Verschoor
Yael Hasbani


Scholarships & Awards


We would like to extend our warmest congratulations to the APIBA members who were awarded the following APIBA scholarships in 2017:

● Academic Writing Scholarship: Mariana Costa & Mercedes Foligna
● Business English Diploma Scholarship: Daniela Galindo
● First-time Speaker at a FAAPI Conference: Daiana Martínez & Mercedes Rego Perlas
● NILE-APIBA Scholarship (Materials Development MA module): Carlos Reynoso



We would also like to congratulate those 2017 Teacher Training College graduates who received our Best Graduating Average award and their first year of membership free of charge:

● I.S.P. “Joaquín V. González”: Florencia Ciampone & Romina Hahn
● E.N.S. L.V. "Sofía E. B. de Spangenberg": Paula Natalia Casado
● I.E.S. L.V. "Juan R. Fernández": Claudia Massera, Lucía Viviani & Lucila Benavente
● I.N.S.P.T. UTN: Silvana Del Val & María Belén Alauzis

2017 in retrospect


March 4: APIBA Business English Annual Conference in cooperation with Escuela de Lenguas y Estudios Extranjeros, Universidad de Belgrano. This conference was born out of the productive work done by our BE SIG since 2015, to enhance the BE training sector, which has traditionally been neglected. It set out to open up an area of knowledge and research that would give BE professionals tools to enhance their practice, gain added value, and stand out. The ultimate aim is that the BE professional practice be more and more aligned with what the business sector needs from a language trainer. This high quality professional development event is the only one of its kind, both locally and regionally. We were honoured to have the IATEFL BESIG in our opening plenary plus four presentations by leading BE trainers in Buenos Aires. [+ Read more]



April 21: Diplomatura en Capacitación en Inglés de Negocios UB-APIBA. APIBA and Universidad de Belgrano signed an agreement to jointly deliver this course, which started in April 2017. [+ Read more]



● May 5: Teachers Research! Buenos Aires 2017 co-organised by the British Council, APIBA and FAAPI at I.E.S. en Lenguas Vivas "Juan R. Fernández." "By the teachers and for the teachers", that is how Dr. Richard Smith introduced the audience to the second Annual Latin American Conference for Teacher-research in ELT. It featured presentations by British Council Aptis Action Research Award Scheme winners and by other teachers across Latin America. More than 100 teachers participated in the event and shared their experiences in ELT-research with others. [+ Read more]

● May 20: APIBA On Tour - Adrogué: Teaching Young Learners in the New Millenium at St Michael's College was the first APIBA On Tour event in 2017, with Mercedes Pérez Berbain and María Laura García. Launched in July 2016, the aim of the project is to reach teachers in the suburbs and all over the province of BA where there are no local associations, to support their initiatives of CPD, to encourage collaboration with teacher training institutions and to spread the word and share our mission. [+ Read more]



● APIBA Drama Club 2017. It opened with the objective of learning about drama techniques, improvising, interacting and practising English in a very relaxed atmosphere, all of which involves a unique bodily experience. A successful project that we hope will keep on growing in the years to come! [+ Read more]

● June 3: APIBA Annual Seminar 2017: Unleashing the Power of Local Language Teaching Talent at Colegio Champagnat. With Darío Banegas (keynote speaker), Silvana Richardson (asynchronous video presentation), Pilar Martínez & Rubén Mazzei, Jorge Medina, Mariana Goldman & Valeria Plou (Ateneo Permanente de Problemas de la Práctica Docente), Silvia Rettaroli & Viviana López Larretchart, Gabriela Madera & Alicia Artusi (Plan Ceibal), Cristina Banfi, Sandra Revale & team (GOLE). Mónica Gandolfo coordinated the closing planel "So where are we and where can we go?".  [+ Read more]


● June 10: APIBA On Tour - 9 de Julio with I.S.F.D. N°4 at Municipalidad de 9 de Julio [+ Read more]



August 12: "Exploring the Short Story in English" with Susana Gullco Groisman, organised by APIBA Literature SIG, at INSPT-UTN.  [+ Read more]

August 26: Jornada de Mindfulness en Educación with Andrea Loescher, organised by APIBA Mindfulness SIG, at I.S.P. "Joaquín V. González".  [+ Read more]



● September 10: APIBA On Tour - Luján at I.S.F.D. N° 23 Luján. With Mercedes Pérez Berbain [+ Read more]

● September 12: "The teaching challenge: A conversation around our role as educators" by Mercedes Pérez Berbain, at I.E.S. en L.V. "Juan R. Fernández" Pompeya [+ Read more]

September 20: APIBA On Tour - Olavarría with I.S.F.D. N° 22, at I.S.F.D. N° 130. With Mercedes Pérez Berbain [+ Read more]

September 23 APIBA Good Practice Showcase + Annual Fellowship Lunch, at Campobravo Restaurant [+ Read more]



October 7: APIBA On Tour - Chivilcoy: Telling and Reading Stories in the Classroom at I.S.F.D. N° 6 Chivilcoy. With Fabiana Parano [+ Read more]

October 20: “Vocabulary, Content and Technology” by Fabricio Costa at I.E.S. en L.V. "Juan R. Fernández" Pompeya

October 21: "Business Narratives: Storytelling in organizations" by Fabiana Parano, co-organised by APIBA Lit SIG and APIBA BE SIG, at UB



November 8:  APIBA On Tour - Pergamino at I.S.F.D. y T. N° 5.  With Mercedes Pérez Berbain [+ Read more]



December 16: APIBA SIGs' Closing Event, Annual General Meeting, Business English Diploma Award Ceremony (Class of 2017 - UB-APIBA) and End-of-Year Cocktail, at Universidad de Belgrano (CABA) 


What's coming in 2018

● March 3: II APIBA Business English Annual Conference: Teaching Business English beyond language. Register HERE! APIBA is very proud to invite you to the II BE Annual Conference organised in cooperation with Escuela de Lenguas y Estudios Extranjeros, Universidad de Belgrano, featuring Mike Hogan (York Associates, UK), Clara BeleiroFrancisco Zabala and Ricardo Cavallini among its prestigious speakers. This second edition of our Business English Annual Conference is the result of the productive work done by APIBA BESIG since April 2015 and the only one of its kind both locally and regionally. 

● May 11: Jornada Regional APIBA en Pergamino. The first whole-day seminar to be held outside the city of BA.


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